Here is a short video in which Judy and Larry introduce the Meritz & Muenz program. Below is a transcript of the video.



I would like to introduce you to the faculty as well as the program for the Legal English for Non-US Trained Lawyers training course.

My name is Lawrence Muenz, I am a corporate lawyer with expertise in business and commercial law.

Hello, I am Judith Meritz, a regulatory and compliance lawyer specializing in pharmaceutical and medical device law.

Our course is designed for lawyers who wish to develop their ability to become comfortable with legal English terminology and practices and to improve lawyering skills.

We concentrate on legal contract drafting, negotiation and the use of terminology as these relate to business interactions.  Using simple examples from our over sixty years of combined experience, we bring this training program to your legal business office in your home country.

We discuss and explain “material” contract terms, “offeror and offeree” and “reps and warranties”, including the importance and use of these terms in US legal business writing and negotiation.

We look forward to speaking with you to customize a program that will meet your needs.