A video introduction is available on our multimedia page.

Our Legal English Training Program is tailored and flexible.  It adapts to specific demands and the necessities of different markets. A Certificate of Attendance will be awarded upon completion.

Legal English Training Subjects

  1. US Contract Drafting
  • Common clauses in US contracts
  • Complex paragraphs such as representation and warranties & disclaimers
  • Use of Defined Terms
  1. Problem Issues & Contingency Contract Drafting
  • US contracts which clearly define responsibilities and obligations
  • Identify, address and allocate risks posed
  • US contract terms which suggest ambiguities
  1. Email and Simple Memo Drafting
  • Structure and strategies of communications
  • Clear and professional communications to prevent misunderstandings
  • Persuasive style for successful legal communications
  1. Legal Vocabulary
  • Cultural differences in use of US legal terminology
  • Clear and accurate word choice
  • Terminology examples such as offeror/offeree and material breach
  1. US Commercial/Business Issues
  • Cultural differences in commercial transactions
  • Key issues in commercial business contract drafting
  • Current commercial legal issues such as data protection
  1. Negotiation Principles
  • Negotiation mindset and tips
  • Managing expectations and persuasive tactics
  • Varying negotiation styles
  1. Case Study – Negotiation
  • Attendees given fact pattern to prepare for contract negotiation
  • Practice to develop skills for successful negotiations
  • Role play observations and instructor critique


Additional Modules

US Court System

  • Structure of Federal and State court system
  • Choice of venue in the US system
  • Key US regulatory agencies including SEC, FDA, EPA

US Regulatory/Compliance Issues

  • Sample US regulatory compliance rules and regulations
  • Key issues in regulatory/compliance contract drafting
  • Investigations and significant regulatory compliance concerns

*We suggest 12-15 total program hours.